Macquarie Bell’s major institutional client base includes:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • National Australia Bank
  • HSBC Bank Australia Limited
  • Public Trustee

Macquarie Bell’s service provision to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia focuses on the inner western suburbs of Sydney and incorporates residential, commercial, rent rolls, churches, schools, service stations and other types of industrial and commercial properties throughout Sydney.

HSBC Bank Australia Limited focuses on valuations within the inner west and western suburbs of Sydney.

National Australia Bank valuations are performed throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Macquarie Bell is listed on the Australian Property Institute and Law Society panel of Valuers, undertaking rental determinations.

Our extensive research capabilities have resulted in an extension of our service provision to cover the entire Sydney Metropolitan Area for all our institutional, professional and private clients.

Legal Clients

Macquarie Bell Pty Limited provides valuations for all types of legal proceedings, Stamp Duty purposes and is available for representation as ‘expert witnesses’.

Private Clients

Macquarie Bell Pty Limited provides valuations for Stamp Duty purposes, Family Law Court proceedings, as well as commercial, industrial and residential valuations.