Management Policy

Macquarie Bell Valuation and Property Consultants comprises a number of expert valuers who focus on servicing clients’ residential, commercial and industrial valuation needs. Three of these valuers are also Directors of Macquarie Bell.

Macquarie Bell utilises its network of high calibre contract valuers in peak periods of workflow, ensuring efficient and timely reporting. With the experience and expertise of our office support staff, Macquarie Bell functions as a dynamic and cohesive professional team in servicing clients’ needs.

Macquarie Bell has implemented a best practice policy and ensures quality consulting advice is provided to all clients. Every valuation follows a process of perusal and discussion with at least one Director. Additionally, valuations in excess of $1 million are countersigned by a Director, who also takes personal responsibility for the content. In this way, Macquarie Bell provides consistently high quality, accurate valuations.

Macquarie Bell prides itself on its independence and utmost integrity – thus ensuring advice given is free of bias.

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